Artificial Intelligence (AI)

driven Sport Digital Platforms

Sport Tech X

Track the Sentiment and the Engagement of the Fans, their interaction with the social properties to design best activations.

Data is the Fuel

of our AI-Driven platform

We build end-to-end platforms for Brands and Teams to bring a digital WOW experience blending Sport stats, Customer Insights and Social Interactions. 

Data are the fuel that leverage Fans Engagement.

Drive Fans Engagement

Leverage the variety of data sources in-game data, coach and referee reports, data provider feeds, biometric data, performance tracking to generate scores, KPI and insights.

AI Driven Fans Interaction

Enable the management of real-time massive Fantasy Game to use real-time Sport, Social, Analytics and Big Data.

Turn Emotions into Revenues

Behavioral Analytics

Bots can deliver a consistent experience across different channels because they are aware of the on-going business processes


Bots can leverage big data algorithms to provide the best tailored information to each single user. Algorithms can be Predictive, Prescriptive and Descriptive.


Specific Bots are assigned to different channels. Communicating thorough an SMS bot can be very different compared to Facebook Messenger bot

AI-driven Recommendations


Advanced Sport Analytics

Key Features

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Make your Business Perform Better.

Big Data Driven Bot Platform.

It's not all about emotions.

Data-Driven Sales Booster

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Sport Tech X


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