Your Financial Services get Smarter

through AI-Driven Automation

Fintize is the platform that enables your Bank

to compete with FinTech (through AI)

Fintize modules

Manage fully-automatic conversations with your customers 

Natural Language Virtual

Agents for digital channels

Extract financial management insight from financial transaction and customer behavior

Financial Insight

Cognitive Advisor

Use External Data to enrich the insight that the AI can generate leveraging internal data

Fintech External Service Marketplace

Big Data 

Ready Scalability

(for real)

Business Process Automation

to streamline CX

State-of-the-art of Security Management

Generate relevant Insights for specific users

Other Features

1. Personal Financial Agent for your customers

Create personal virtual agent with whom your customers can message on a daily basis in order to get valuable and contextual information about their finance.

Turn your bank in a cognitive advisor able to provide tailored insights to each customer based on his needs.


"You could encounter liquidity issues next month, we have already pre-approved a loan for you"

2. Digital Advisor for Retail and Business

Enrich the insights that 

your Bank can provide to each single customer leveraging external datasets and FinTech services.

3. Provide to your customers better insights leveraging Fintech Marketplace

Transform your Bank with AI.

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